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The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks

Catch all my reviews on CJLeger.com This was one of the hardest books to dive into, the process he uses to write this book just has the reader riding on the surface of the pages, completely unable to soak up the meaningless words he's written. It almost seems as if Sparks was disinterested himself, when he wrote this book. There was an utter and complete lack of passion, flow, and connect-ability.


I read a previous review where a goodreads member says the book was full of stereotypes, which is true, as if trying to rush, the author created these personalities based on basic knowledge, stereotypical passable facts and just space fillers. Reading this book was like reading a forced book in school, where you have no choice but to finish it, but in this case, I did no such thing.


I am not Sparks' biggest fan, but I do regard him as a good author, however, he dropped the ball on this one. His descriptions of settings and interactions are rather vague, leaving you struggling to picture the events in your head; for a book, this is suicide. Readers choose books because they can create their own visions of scenes based on the helpful descriptive writing from the author, with this book you are on your own.


Furthermore, this love story, while unique in its actual plot, has been written in such a chewed up, regular, basic, recycled manner, that it just seems like you are rereading every romance novel ever written, compiled into this one book.


The only reason I gave this book 2 stars was because I genuinely liked the plot and how the main character actually comes to connect with the leading lady, it's very unique and rides along this new "paranormal" line that is increasingly present in Nicholas Sparks books, such as Safe Haven, (I won't go into detail because it would be a spoiler for this book).


Overall, I do not recommend this book as a first-time Nicholas Sparks read. I do not recommend this as a first time romance read, or fiction read, or anything.




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