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Isabella: The Warrior Queen
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House Of Treason: The Rise And Fall Of A Tudor Dynasty
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Current Read: Isabella: The Warrior Queen

Isabella: The Warrior Queen - Kirstin Downey, Kimberly Farr

I read a lot of books, and I always try to bring you a review on whatever it is that I’m reading. Currently I have my eyes set on a book I’ve wanted for a very long time, “Isabella the Warrior Queen” by Kirstin Downey.


Retailing at $35, I’m hoping for this book to be everything I envision; a strong portrayal of a woman who steps into the role of a King and leads the greatest kingdom the world had ever seen.


I wanted to offer a bit of background history on this topic, as many individuals who enjoy reading about history, focus on England, Rome and Egypt. These are all favorite topics of mine, but I have a special place in my heart for Spain in its glory.


Check out the blog soon for my background explanation before I do a review on this book.


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