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Isabella: The Warrior Queen
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House Of Treason: The Rise And Fall Of A Tudor Dynasty
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A Writer's Resource (Comb) with Student Access to Catalyst 2.0

A Writer's Resource (Comb) with Student Access to Catalyst 2.0 - Elaine Maimon, Janice Peritz, Kathleen Yancey Read original review on C. J. Leger.There are a few editions of this great book, but by far the best one is the 2nd edition, which still cost more than its successors on most platforms. This book is an indispensable resource for writers, and while it focuses on writing for college students, it offers incredible reference for later in life.

This edition of the book includes a new section for multimedia assignments, which its predecessor did not; and it includes tabs for APA and Chicago MLA writing styles. This edition of A Writer’s Resource boasts 13 tab sections immaculately separated and are as follows:

-mhee.com online resource code
-Learning across the curriculum
-Writing and designing papers
-Common assignments across the curriculum
-The tab sections that follow these are geared towards writing after college,

and are what make this book a necessary resource for writers after they’re on their own.

-Writing beyond College
-MLA Documentation Style
-APA Documentation Style
-Other Documentation Styles
-Editing for Clarity
-Editing for Grammar Conventions
-Editing for Correctness
-Basic Grammar Review
-Further Resources for Learning

Each tab also includes sub-tabs which cover everything from comma placements to sentence restructuring. On the back flap of this book, the reader will find a column stile rundown of resources within the book that writers can use. This section highlights resources such as how to avoid writer’s block which is found on page 53, comma splices and run-ons, located on page 471.

Similar to World History, for which I also did a review, A Writer’s Resource placed a handy world map towards the back of the book, along with a timeline of world history, which covers the founding of Babylon in 3000 BCE to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A glossary for selected terms follows the timeline, explaining terms like Fascism, Modernism and The Big Bang Theory. Furthermore, right before the index, the reader will find a resource for multilingual writers which explains articles, verbs and sentence structure in depth.

Overall I recommend this book to any writer who is managing the production of their books, articles, and stories on their own without the help of an editor. This book is an invaluable resource for writers with limited resources and want to get their content right; but it also makes a great companion for any author who wants to hone their technical skills to match their creative prowess.